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BEFORE WE LEAVE, la mostra di fine anno degli Alumni IED Milano 2023

Gli Alumni del corso di Jewelry Design di IED Milano Vi invitano a partecipare alla mostra dei loro progetti di laurea.

Sei percorsi individuali si incontrano nella mostra “BEFORE WE LEAVE”.
Scoprirete e ascolterete le loro voci, che provengono da diversi paesi del mondo.



The Alumni of the Jewelry Design course of IED Milano invite you to join their graduation show.
Six individual paths meet together in the exhibition “BEFORE WE LEAVE”.
Come and listen to their voices from different countries around the world.

Before we leave
Jewelry Design exhibition: Arianna Barbieri, Sigridur Bernhoft, Chen Qian, Gabriel Farrugia, Yuliia Komendat, Blanca Zanchetta
IED Milano Jewelry Design diploma


“Before We Leave” is an exhibition that brings us into the emotional resonance of six extraordinary jewellery designers as they present their luminous graduation collections.
Here, in this sacred space, we embark on an intimate journey that transcends the boundaries of adornment, immersing ourselves in the genuine artistry born from passion, dedication, and sincere expression.

“Before We Leave” becomes a moment of connection where the designers and visitors intertwine their stories, emotions, and aspirations.

Here, we celebrate the end of a chapter, looking back to the designers’ academic journey and embracing the possibilities that await them beyond these walls. We honour their achievements with gratitude and sincerity and acknowledge their creative voices’ essence. Through their jewellery, they leave a piece of their souls behind, touching our hearts subtly and profoundly.

Join us in this heartfelt celebration, where we come together to honour the profound intimacy of these departing jewelry designers.


Mercoledì 12 luglio, dalle 18 alle 21, inaugurazione
Giovedì 13 luglio, dalle 11 alle 19, ingresso libero

Ingresso libero
T. +39 3334003308
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Archivio Negroni
in Via Tajani 3, quartiere Acquabella Città Studi

The conversations will be both in Italian and English.  If interested in further events in English, please ask for the next scheduling here:

IED Milano Before we leave graduation show 2023 archivio negroni

IED Milano Before we leave