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Preziosa Young 2023|24 Winner Xinyi Chen

Preziosa Young 2023|24

Xinye Chen, Futuristic Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire   PREZIOSA YOUNG 2023|24 From…

know how

A workshop in Milan to rediscover the values and practice of craftsmanship

material culture

A heritage of expertise, witnessing and tools which becomes a dynamic reservoir for creativity. The detailed cultural proposal relaunches Attrezzeria Negroni in a system available to an audience of specialists and enthusiasts

an ongoing story


A 100 sqmt versatile space for events and seminars, born through a redevelopment of the original craft workshop.

A bright, wide space that doesn’t go unnoticed, pervaded with history and tradition.

today we deal with:

a never ending facing between past and future


Alongside the pattern design and manufacturing, intended for a small number of high-profile customers, the Archivio Negroni is also a space available for b2b meetings, product presentations, actions for the local networks, as a point of reference in the Città Studi – Acquabella district.
The historic workshop is an unusual, active and very attractive background for interacting with the themes of the city to be discovered, the cultural renewal of neighborhoods, the conservation of knowledge, heritage and sustainability.


Cultural and training collaborations, special projects addressed to young people, to the neighbourhood and local networks, international residencies.
Some of the institutions we work with:
Circuito Lombardo Design Museums, Manifattura Milano Network and CentrinnoEU, Museocity Association, FAI Milan and FAI Schools, IED Milan, Cova School Milan, AGC Contemporary Jewellery Association.
International projects: QEST


The historical archive of tools, machinery and dies represents a rich heritage of curiosities and it reveals and describes a typical Milanese workplace of the past decades. New experiences can start from here, with operational courses and interaction design workshops, and also enjoying a space open to conversation, book presentations, art and photo exhibitions, critical or tasting meeting … the calendar of events is disseminated to the mailing list.