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In the heart of manufacture Milan, a versatile space is born from the renewal of a workshop, and it doesn’t go unnoticed


The workshop Edoardo Negroni was open in the ’50s and it’s located between the  Città Studi and Ortica districts, in that part of Milan revived from the second post-war period, where factories and mills merged into the local grounds. Despite the urban transformations and the progressive decline of manufacture activity in the city throughout the XX century, the workshop’s personality remained untouched. Also thanks to an activity that has never really stopped.

The old workshop’s ramp entrance has now been transformed into a bright 100 square-meter open space available for photoshoots, temporary events, exhibitions and seminars. Right behind the open space, veiled by the wide glass wall, is the Archive with its rare molds,  rolling mills and tools from the historical workspace. The Archive conveys a subtle but evocative presence of a place that is still alive and connects the past with the present, returning an atmosphere and providing quality to a location that doesn’t go unnoticed. 

The renewal of the space kept its industrial feel intact, with the visible ventilation systems, the resin flooring and the big dark metal fixtures. The punctual lighting given by spotlights on tracks, which are placed about 3 meters high, allow a great versatility of use for exhibitions and events. With a capacity of 40 people for stalls seats, 8 to 24 for workgroup, and 60 standing places, this space is suitable for expositions, presentations, business meetings and events, formation lectures and courses, showrooms and photoshoots.



  • bright basement
  • 100 sqmt exhibition space /conference space / course room
  • 30-40 stall seats / 8-24 workgroup seats /60-80 standing places
  • daily rent, arrangements
  • available hours 8:00am/6:00pm
    (out-of-hours on agreement)


  • 40 conference chairs
  • 4 tables cm 90×125
  • led-lit environment and 16 adjustable punctual lights
  • audio-video system
  • air conditioning
  • water dispenser
  • hand sanitizer dispenser
  • microwave, fridge, water supply connection
  • Nespresso coffee machine
  • printer


  • Guests Wifi 100Mb
  • reception
  • RC insurance policy / all risks policy upon agreement
  • coffee break and catering /alternative solutions upon agreement

access and parking

  • available pick up and drop off  through driveway
  • space entrance
    maximum opening 2 meters
  • private 25 sqmt courtyard
  • parking space for one car
  • outside street parking (blue lines from 8am to 1pm)

how to get there

where to stay

  • ApartHotel
  • Argonne Park (the nearest – via Paladini)
  • Viva Hotel Milano (via Gallina)
  • Hotel Susa Meininger Lambrate
  • affiliated b&b


    Archivio Negroni Srl
    Via Filippo Tajani 3
    20133 Milano
  • T +39 0523 864773
cultural project